Youth Group

In addition to our Sunday School classes, our youth in grades 6 - 12 deepen their relationships with God and with their peers through our Youth Group program, which provides opportunities for fellowship, inquiry, worship, and service. Our teens tackle tough questions, take horizon-expanding trips, and are kept safe while on their own faith journeys. 

Our Youth Group program has two groups: Middle School (grades 6-8) and High School (grades 9-12). Each group meets twice per month. They typically play a little, eat a little, pray a little, and talk a lot.

Our youth also go on mission trips both locally and farther afield to learn firsthand what it feels like to serve others and be Christ's heart and hands in this world.

Between Sunday School, Youth Group meetings, and mission trips, our youth are able to take advantage of a variety of formats and times where they can explore their faith and grow as individuals, as a group, and as part of the larger community of our church and world.