Sunday School

Trinity Episcopal Church is blessed to have a large and ever-growing family of children and youth. During our 10:30 am service, Trinity Church offers Sunday School for children of all ages. Its goal is to help children build a foundation of Christian faith and create a welcoming home for them within the church community.

We also have Intergen services twice a month as we believe we are called to worship God together, irrespective of age.  These services enable our children to learn the Episcopal liturgy, to offer their gifts to the church, and for them to be shaped by the teaching of the priest.  We encourage all adult worshippers to mentor children in their ministries on these Sundays, and to be blessed by their gifts and their presence.

Each fall, Sunday School begins on the first Sunday after the start of the school year, and ends the second weekend in June with Recognition Sunday, which features a presentation by the children in front of the congregation.