Serving the Church

Trinity gives people of all ages the chance to participate in worship and other church activities. We hope one of these appeals to you!

The A-Team

The A-Team is the greatest bunch of guys who meet at the church every Tuesday morning to do everything imaginable!  They paint, do electrical work, fix anything and keep this complex running.  They also eat donughts, drink coffee and keep us all laughing.  If you are free on Tuesday mornings come and join them.  For more details contant John Montstream  on 585-227-2592.

Altar Guild

We are a group of people that prepare the sanctuary for Sunday Eucharistic Services, Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals.  We prepare and set up the altar for Communion, we take care of the beautiful Altar linens and all the sacred vessels of the church. It is a sacred privilege to serve on the Altar Guild. 

For all those interested in joining, we will teach you everything you need to know to set up for worship.  If you enjoy learning about the ritual traditions of the church and serving God and the church, you will love this ministry.  To join please contact Joan and Gary Petroske at 585-225-5668

Choir and Worship

At Trinity we have both a choir and a more contemporary worship team.  If you are interested in music, if you love to sing or play an instrument, or if you have always wanted to learn to play - join us!  The choir rehearses on Sunday mornings at  9:30am and the worship team on the 2nd and 4th Sunday evenings at 5pm.

To find out more information contact Dorothy or Bob Romanet on 585-621-5215.

Coffee Hour

After every 10:30 service we join together for coffee/tea and snacks in the foyer.  It is a time to get to know new people, laugh and share.  Those who belong to this ministry offer hospitality to us all. If you are interested in this ministry which involves providing the snacks and making the tea/coffee on a roster basis  contact Myrna Lawrence-Waters on 585-865-1907.

Liturgy Team

We are a small group that help plan the worship services. We explore creative ways of making our services meaningful.  We meet once a month with our priest to plan for upcoming worship.  If you love creativity and worship - this group is for you! 

To join please contact Sandy Pacyga at 585-225-4366 or email her at


Puppet Ministry Committee (PMC)

PMC share's God's love through puppetry with our members and the community.  The PMC looks forward to sharing this ministry as an outreach program to retirement homes and places of assisted living to bring laughter and love to those living there.   The committee is always looking for new members, if you would like to share God's love through Puppetry please contact Pam Fitzmorris at 585-225-1179 or email her at

Service Days

Service days are Saturday mornings where we all come together to "clean" the church and grounds.  There is something for everyone to do, from raking leaves, or cleaning windows, to picking up branches and painting or digging trenches!  These are held twice in Spring, and twice in fall, and end with pizza.  Upcoming service days are posted on this site, so watch for the upcoming dates.

Sunday School Teachers

Trinity has a lovely Sunday School with teachers that are filled with life and enthusiasm.  Our Sunday School meets during the service on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays of the month.  If you love children and are interested in helping them grow in their relationship with God, contact Marion Montstream on 585-227-2592.