Making a Difference

Building Homes

Trinity, together with other parishes in Greece, is involved in the ministry Habitat for Humanity.  This organisation works for a world where everyone has a decent place to live and call home.  Central to this ministry is fundraising in order to build homes in Rochester.  If you would like to be involved contact Myrna Lawrence-Waters on 585-865-1907 or Mark Moyer on 585-368-9515.

Little Free Libraries

Volunteering to help build a literacy friendly neighborhood.  Delivered and built the beautiful Little FREE Libraries to each of our city community gardens. If you are interested in helping us manage the libraries please call 654-9229 and leave a message for Deacon Mike.

Engaging Public Policies

Are you interested in how your faith shapes the world around you?  Are you passionate about seeing God's kingdom come on earth as in heaven?   The Public policy committee helps to educate us around contemporary social issues such as civil rights, criminal justice, economic justice, fracking and the environment, and immigration.  They provide opportunities to learn but also to stand with the poor and marginalised of this world.  If you would like to learn more or become involved in this ministry, contact Dorothy Romanet on 585-621-5215 or Revd. Debs Duguid-May on 585-729-3231. 

In this group you will never stop learning and growing!

Feeding Hungry Families

Trinity is a partner of the Greece Ecumenical Food Shelf.  After joining with seven churches to establish the Greece Ecumenical Food Shelf in 1977, Trinity remains very active in assisting the Shelf through volunteer activity and contributions, both in goods and in the form of donations.  Some of our members deliver food which means they also shop for fresh produce on their delivery days.  Others help stock the Shelf.  Others help pick up food at Food Link that the Shelf purchased with their funds, and deliver the boxes to the Shelf.  Others organize a Thanksgiving food drive to directly help families whose names were supplied by the Shelf.  Once a month, others present the food (dry goods) donated at Trinity to be blessed during the offering.  These same people deliver the donations to the shelf which is located at 500 Maiden Lane, Rochester, NY 14616.  Dorothy Romanet is currently Trinity’s representative to the Shelf and can be contacted at 585-621-5215 for more information or to join this ministry.

Hosting Homeless Families

Trinity is proud to partner with RAIHN (Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network).  Raihn provides emergency shelter and assistance to homeless families with children under the age of 18.  We support this ministry by providing meals for the families, an overnight presence, and spend time helping or playing with the children, and doing laundry. 

If you would like to become involved in this ministry or for more information contact Linda Bohrer on 585-227-1060 or Jan Musolino at 585-413-3950.

Lamb Preschool

For more information or to register for Lamb Preschool please click on the website below.

Trinity Lamb Preschool

Organic Gardening

The Trinity Abundance Organic Gardening Group was started in the  Spring of 2011. Our first raised bed plot, complete with deer fence, was constructed by an enthusiastic group of volunteers and filled with rich compost. Since then we have been producing an abundance of fresh vegetables that have been used to support local shelters, food pantries and the RAIHN program.

This is a great group to learn more about organic gardening and share produce that has grown.  For more information or to join contact Gayle Schneider on 585-225-5251.

Seasonal Gifts

Throughout the year there are plenty of opportunities to give and to share with those in need.  From thanksgiving baskets, to mittens and scarves in winter, to christmas gifts for those affected by violence.  If you want to give, and are looking for opportunities to share contact Linda and Jim Wackerow on 585-227-2316.

Visting the Sick

Being ill often means being cut off from people. For those with long term illness, frailty or disability this can be a terrible lonely period of life.  At Trinity we have a group of people who visit those who are house-bound or in hospital.  If you would like a visit, or would like to join this ministry, contact Revd Debs on 585-729-3231.