We Bring Healing and Hope!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Dear Friends,


As we begin our advent season, advent is a reminder that Christmas is not about the decorations, the consumerism and another chance to buy each other things we do not need.  Christmas is the celebration of the generosity of God in giving to this world the greatest and most costly gift God could give – his own son.  And so as Christians, Christmas and advent is a time to ask ourselves, how can we give to this world as God gave, how can we give gifts that will bring healing, hope and wholeness into our world?  And so each advent at Trinity we offer ourselves the opportunity to give gifts that are really life giving.  This advent and Christmas we will be focusing on the life of Joseph.  I have never really delved deeply into the life, personality and choices of Joseph, and so this has been a real learning experience for me – I hope it will be for you as well!  To link in and honor the life of Joseph we will be having men in our congregation lighting the advent candles.  We also each Sunday of Advent will be collecting money for a particular father.  The 4 fathers we have chosen are all migrant agricultural workers.  Some have left families in another country in order to provide economically for their families survival.  These fathers will not see their children for years.  One father lost his wife while he was in our country, and did not get a chance for 10 years prior to her death to see her. One father is struggling with cancer and cancer treatment separated from his family, and dealing with it all on his own.  Another father who is married to an American wife for decades, and has American children, was voted businessman of the year, is being threatened with deportation this Christmas.  His family are besides themselves with fear.  Christmas is always birthed into places of darkness, fear and hopelessness.  But we have to allow it to birth amongst us.  We have to “midwife” this birthing, this child is in our hands to bring into this world.  So each Sunday of Advent please bring whatever cash you have for us to collect for these 4 families.  Let us bless them this Christmas and let them know they are not alone – that there are people in this world who care.

May God bless each of you over this advent as we birth hope in these families.


With much love always


Revd Debs